Friday, June 26, 2009

Next Year

Am I going to Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary next year or not? That has now become the big question that occupies my mind. On the very day that I blogged that I was reconciled to the idea of seminary, the future became uncertain as our bishop suggested that we may not all go to seminary after all! The seminary web page refers to difficulties that they are having working with students at multiple levels - academic progress, experience, probably age too. And I am glad that they are dealing with these issues, rather than pretending that they don't exist.
I need to write a motivation for me to go to circuit rather than seminary. I believe that it is right for me to do this on the grounds of my age - the church does not get a high return on its investment in training me, and also because of the academic qualifications that I already have. The church needs to decide whether it considers my four year BTh through the Baptist Theological College as adequate.
I don't want to use my family as a motivation.
Part of me wants to go to seminary because it will be easier for me. Much less risk than going to circuit, where I could be placed anywhere. Seminary is in Pietermaritzburg which has good schools and so on.
But I didn't make this choice (to go into church ministry) to do what seems safe - either for me or my family. I could have just stayed where I was. Somewhere in there is the essence of calling. I NEED to be in a church, even though I am afraid. I hope that the church system will put me somewhere next year where I can make a real contribution to building the kingdom of Jesus.

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Amen to that!