Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Things That Drive

I have been learning more about what really motivates me during this phase 1 journey - mostly I admit, by noticing what I miss, when I don't have it anymore! Yesterday was my day off. However, I am the preacher for phase 1 college this week. This means that I had to prepare a sermon dayoff or otherwise.
Also I have been waiting for the opportunity to try out John van der Laar's 'liturgy experiment' - I don't have much opportunity to do that sort of thing normally, so I thought I would use it at college this week. (John has video's, images, ideas and other resources available that use the set lectionary for each Sunday). I did a lot of this stuff two or three years ago, but the options have been a bit lean this year and the last.
I managed to spend hours yesterday putting this thing together - and I know that this is something I enjoy. I love to see a service as an entity, where each part works together to bring the congregation into an awareness of God and of his message. One day, I hope I won't have to preach as well - and that I can slot in an appropriate preacher into the preaching slot.
I think the service will work well. But I have struggled with the sermon. I would have found a different focus from the readings or would have preferred different readings for the message. But it has been a very good challenge to prepare a service around a theme that I would not normally have chosen (God is green, is John's theme, more or less).

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