Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I am finding it difficult to blog because so many of my thoughts are around 'unbloggables'. Things that revolve around personalities that I don't think it right to share on the net. Or I have thoughts about the complications of Methodist practice that I am not enjoying at college - again, not things that I want to put on the net. And then my perpetual struggles with insecurities and perfectionism - again, I'm not really looking for cyberspace to feel sorry for me.
But a thought that comes out of the last - I sometimes despair of my Masters dissertation, that it will not be good enough. I don't actually know if I am right to worry or not, but I do know that the Baptist Theological College sets very high standards and that my perfectionism is probably appropriate. The struggle is that those training me seem to view the Baptist College as an ickle denominational college with little to recommend it, while BTC is setting high standards, for its own good reasons. These thoughts lead in a number of directions . . .


Steve Hayes said...

Yes, there are some things that are unbloggable, though I do write some of them in my personal journal, because I think they need to be remembered, even if only by me! Church leaders, for example, make some very strange decisions, but it wouldn't be right to blog about them.

Thomas Scarborough said...

I have some notes in the left hand column of my blog as to how I deal with "unbloggables". The really, really (nice word!) unbloggable things, I sometimes write them up anyway. And some of the latter I have already used, over time. In a few cases, I'm waiting for people to die. ;-)

I was fortunate with my Master's (which is still with the examiners), in that the attitude of SATS was: we'll make sure we get you up to speed. It was a commitment to the student. Not all academic institutions have that approach.