Sunday, July 19, 2009


This sounds like something out of Tolkien - I don't know where the name actually comes from. It is the name of the church where I led the church service this morning. On the road to Fort Beaufort. Turn off to Great? Fish River. Drive through gates into nature reserve territory. What beautiful surroundings! I could just put up a shack and stay there.
The circuit steward had me all geared up for another 100km trip. We left at 8:45 for an 11am service - but we arrived there at 9.30! Apparently they sometimes use a venue that is over the hills and far away, but decided to use a closer one this time.
A very different farm congregation - possibly due to this being part of active game farming. They were much more educated and much more engaging. It was a real pleasure to be with them.
No problem about us arriving early. Plenty of cell phone signal and the congregation were all phoned and we started just before 10.30am. Several people arrived in a police van! No walking for miles here - they send cars to fetch the more distant folk. It just shows what can be done with a little bit of initiative! God is good - if people will just see him and be open to him!

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