Friday, July 10, 2009

Busy is good

I've submitted the first full draft of my Masters dissertation. I'm happy to have it in, and my supervisor back from leave, but I know that the thing doesn't flow properly. Hopefully over the next couple of months my supervisor can help me get it up to a decent level!
The Grahamstown festival is still making the town a busy place. We've been to three shows - Jazz, a teen modern dance thing and classical violin and piano. The Jazz and the violin were great, the dance was ok. We plan to see Andrew Buckland tomorrow (in Stilted)- I've always wanted to see him, so this will be cool!
It is different having my supervising minister away. The congregation has no choice but to speak to me and I am getting more of a picture of how things happen. They are very gracious about talking to me - even when they have to explain things sixteen times so that I can get a grip on what they are saying! It's nice that I can now take the initiative in helping people and making things happen.

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