Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I was walking to the shop this afternoon and saw our bishop pulling in for petrol. I wonder what the chances are of my passing him in the street - he is based in Port Elizabeth, not Grahamstown.
Then I saw someone from the tennis club in the shop. I explained that I had so many Saturday afternoon meetings that I had given up trying to play. We're playing this afternoon, she says, come along. Coincidence?
So I have just had a very good hour of tennis. God is good! Unfortunately, I am usually in PE on a Tuesday. I have meetings every Saturday for the next three weeks - I can't remember my diary any further ahead without looking!
But again, God is good! And I even have time to shower before my meeting at 5.30pm.


Anonymous said...

Is having time to shower a luxury? TigiT wants to know too (and says I must spell his name like that).

I'm glad you had time to play tennis. I'm happy that you're happy all the way down there!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Sometimes if you sneak something into your schedule you end up in a major rush to make things fit. Tennis fitted in nicely.