Friday, July 17, 2009

Interesting Week

It's been an interesting week. Two weeks actually. With my supervising minister away, I've been 'the' minister. Also, I've not been going to college so I have been in circuit all week. And it's been good. I like to control my own time and to plan and to do. I've been busy, as it happens, with my own meetings all falling in this week. But now things are slowing down again and my boss will be back. Sometimes it is too slow here. Sometimes I worry whether I have what it takes to be a minister. The temperament, whatever that is. Right now, I almost feel that I could let it go. But I doubt if that feeling will last. Although, if it does, I will stop this journey. There's no point in going where God is not leading. And I'm certainly not doing this for my own pleasure.

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