Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now 100km West

Yesterday I went 100km in the opposite direction to that which I took on Sunday. I went to the small town of Paterson to take communion to the housebound. We visited about five homes. The stewards of the society came out in force so that there were seven of us going from home to home. The women's manyano ladies were wearing their bright red tops. There was a lady with a similar top in bright blue. One of the men was dressed as a preacher in long black coat. He also wore long pointed shoes and looked very smart. I thought that I fitted in fine with my bright yellow distinctly unclerical jacket!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could start an organisation whose uniform includes distinctly unclerical yellow jackets?

Steven Jones said...

How about an organisation where the "uniform" requirement is NOT to be in any uniform?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

James also has a yellow jacket - it sometimes looks like he and I are wearing a sort of uniform or 'team colours'. We just need to get Rev Mathiti a yellow jacket too!