Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rainy Weather

Today, in Grahamstown, has been cold and rainy. I think in the last 24 hours it has rained more than in the rest of the year so far. I got into the office this morning and I could do nothing until my fingers warmed up. At least we have a heater in there, and it is dry. But it doesn't get very warm!
A side effect of the rain is that we had no visitors to the office. Except - an insurance assessor who having been directed to one of our other churches found his way to Shaw where our offices are. Which was lucky for him, because I could direct him.

I am starting to enjoy Shaw so much more. I'm now fidgety because I want to change things and make things happen and I can't! Well, I can do some things and I am - and I am learning a lot from these things. But the best I can do in certain areas is make suggestions for what they might do next year, when hopefully they will have someone to replace me. And of course, my ideas might be wrong, because this is not my home culture. But I don't think they are!


Thomas Scarborough said...

I'm not saying that I'm right. I'm just saying what I think. And I think I'm right? :-)

Jenny Hillebrand said...