Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cursing God?

I read yesterday someone suggesting that when things get rough we want to be like Job, who was tempted to curse God and die. I get so frustrated with the church (not my local church - a slightly broader picture) , I must admit that I feel very like Job. But seeing the comparison helps - because I want to be like Job and win through. I want to believe that somehow God is in contol in spite of this all.
We can't escape the fact that this world is a bad place - and sometimes that means the church institution too. I feel so helpless. But I know that 'all' I have to do is to be faithful to God in the small things that I can do. He has a plan to use all of us small people to bring a Job-like victory. But that makes it so important that I look for God's will in every thing that I do - knowing that it is part of a larger purpose and not a detail that seems insignificant to me.

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