Thursday, August 13, 2009

Funerals again

Is this useless information? I learned it today. My experience (in the black African church) has been that ministers conduct funerals on Saturdays. Children and people who aren't members of the church are buried during the week. So I thought this was a status thing. I was surprised to find that a minister who passed away last week was not being buried on a Saturday. Why not? Ministers are buried on Thursdays. Ministers' wives are buried on Tuesdays. I didn't ask about ministers' husbands! Grant, do you have a preference?
Our cultures are so different in South Africa.


Steven Jones said...

Aaaaaaargh! The legalism just gets to me! Now we have "slots" for funerals, depending on who the person is. When will we stand up and start healing on the Sabbath again?

(As for my own funeral one day, you'll have to ask the SA Organ Doner Foundation and Wits Medical School whether Thursday would be convenient for them, seeing as I am a minister...)

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

I trust you asked them about student ministers. It might be reassuring to know in advance that e.g. the pub would be open for mourners afterwards, or that some soapie wouldn't keep everyone away.