Thursday, August 20, 2009

North End Outreach 3

Yesterday I was struck by how we were starting to see the different strengths that members of the team have. There are those with real and definate pastoral skills. Those who can organise and those who can relate to young people.
Also, different people are starting to contribute to the team discussions. It is so good to hear ideas and comments from those who are often quiet.
But it is very tough. I knew it would be, and to put energy in anyway was a choice that I made. I suppose I would do it again - but right now I am just hoping that I can keep in one piece for another 24 hours.
And then I get back to Grahamstown for a heavy weekend in circuit.
But soon after that I go home for a long weekend.
I hope that I am walking in the path that God has in mind and that we will have a blessed time at our outreach services tonight. Youth in the hall and adults in the church with snacks afterwards. Please pray for us!

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