Monday, August 31, 2009


Well, where am I now? I fly back to Port Elizabeth tonight. The weekend away has helped me a lot in terms of understanding the things with which I am struggling. I don't think that I am sufficiently refreshed, but I will cope. This morning and tonight I will spend time in setting goals for the next three months and probably for the next year. I received a phone call from SMMS last week, dealing with my studies, and it seems virtually certain that I will be at seminary next year, but in all probability for only one year. I think I can handle that - even enjoy it.
But now goals must be set - something I normally do at the beginning of a year. But now I need to be sure that I entrench the learning from this year and that I don't just move on to a new experience next year.


Steve Hayes said...

Perhaps you could say a little more about the structure of your training for non-Methodists. You've mentioned Phase 1, but how many more phases are there, and what are they? What are they intended to accomplish?

Is there any particular reason that Phase 1 takes you so far from your home? Does everyone have to go to the Eastern Cape for it?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Hi Steve. Thanks - that's a good set of questions, so I've writtne a post that answers them as best I can. I forgot to mention in the post that there are two training centres, one in Soweto and one in Port Elizabeth. Thanks for the comment!