Friday, September 18, 2009

Barry Marshall again

I prefer not to think about Barry. I'm glad that time has stopped thoughts of him being the constant backdrop to my mind. I know others have had the same experience. But I am constantly reminded of him in an odd and almost profane manner. Because he comes up in my blog statistics - my posts about him have taken many more direct hits than any other of my recent posts.
And it has got me thinking. Barry was very well-known, but I don't think that he had any desire to be famous. I don't know, but I don't think he had that insecure need that many of us have to cement our place in history. His wife said at his funeral that he just wanted God to remember him.
I wonder if part of the power of Barry was his ability to live passionately in the 'now'? Most of us distribute our energies almost randomly in the past, present and future. Worrying about what has been or will be. How much more could we be if truly lived in the 'now'? I think that I will take that as my legacy from Barry. To put as much passion and energy into now as I possibly can.
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Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Such a person was Rev. Billio, from whom we have the saying, "He goes like Billio." Billio had a young protege, Rev. Sadd, who was martyred in the Pacific.