Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cool Music Video

Songwriter John van der Laar has put a video that he made of one of his songs up on YouTube. It's definitely worth checking out. Click here.
(You Are, from the album Every God-Beloved Life.)


saleluz-JESUS É O CRIADOR said...

Boa tarde Jenny.

A paz de JESUS nosso DEUS e salvador.

A luz semeia-se para o justo,e a alegria,para os retos de coração.

Salmos cap 97 ver.11


Geraldo Barreto
Diamantina MG BRASIL

Anonymous said...

Close to greatness, but not quite. It's a catchy tune, and good backing, though a little lacklustre. The lyrics are good, but could be tightened up a little for better punch.