Friday, September 18, 2009

Evening Thoughts on Volf

So far, I love this book. "All sufferers can find comfort in the solidarity of the Crucified; but only those who struggle against evil by following the example of the Crucified will discover him at their side" (pg 24 in my copy).
And, "Many women tend to give so much of themselves that they are in danger of being left literally without a self" (pg 26).
This guy lives in the world that I know and recognise. I am looking forward to the rest of the journey, challenging as it might be.


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Your first quote was one of my core problems with Volf. For him, Christ is an example to be followed, not a power to sustain, not a very present help in trouble. Among other things, I felt that Volf underestimated people's inability under trial, and therefore lacked relevance. Volf's thinking also suffuses leadership theory in North America, and it is, to my mind, one of the central reasons for the massive dropout. The burden of his thinking is too great.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I interpreted Volf's words quite differently! Yes, example to follow, but to find him by your side is to experience his sustaining power. Yes/No? For the rest, you will have to give me a chance to read some more! I suspect I may find that his relevance to Africa is incomplete at the least - because he seems to focus on modern and postmodern culture. He is covering such similar ground to my master's dissertation that I am half wishing I had read this first. But mine is in the African context, so includes a third culture.