Friday, September 18, 2009


I take two my (black) colleagues back to Grahamstown with me after college in PE. From Grahamstown they get taxis or hitchhike to Alice and to Bedford. This last week one of them needed to drop something off at Motherwell and we pulled off the highway and met his friend on the onramp on the other side. There were two or three men standing nearby and after we stopped they ambled by - and ambled off a little faster when they saw the colour of my skin (I guess).
My colleagues tell me that they were taxi drivers. They wait at points where people hitchhike and intimidate them and the drivers who stop for them. Jawellnofine.

Thought for the morning from 'Exclusion and Embrace'. Volf is talking about people's perceptions of loyalty and he says, "I must be a Croat through and through, or I was not a good Croat."

Xhosa phrase for the week, 'thatha le buck' - literally 'take up this buck' aka 'the buck stops here'.


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

I had the Volf book as required reading at Fuller, and my Fuller assignment (for which I obtained 100%) was published on the Internet, here: I visited Volf's homeland during the war -- although really he would seem to be U.S. American through and through.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Yes, I expected it to be more Croatian and less US - but I like it.
I'm not sure about you and your 100%'s. Should I be afraid of you, or just bow humbly when I see you?

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

They have a strange system in the USA. They graph all the marks, then they move the whole graph up so that the top mark touches 100%. Somebody joked that I didn't have any stiff competition (all US students).

Meself, I found Volf shallow. There was an absence of worked examples, i.e. application. This would seem rooted in his notion of justice "at the end of history", with little concept of a God of the present,