Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lessons from Confirmation

I have this kid in my confirmation class whose knee keeps popping out of joint. She can't walk if it pops out, but anyone can help her pop it back in. It makes the most distressing sound and causes her an enormous amount of pain. It has popped out at least once in every class except the last two. We always pray about it, even though part of me would rather not - because you pray and then you can see that she is still in pain and it seems like God is not interested. But yesterday I heard that they have found a doctor who can fix her with a minimally invasive op. To me it seems like a miracle, she has suffered for so long and the fix seems to be so easy. Well, we did pray . . .
My classes are finished now. I like working with the young people, but it has not been easy. It has been like trying to teach calculus to people who don't know arithmetic. Parents and children's ministry leaders - your job is so important!!

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