Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Preaching revisited

This Sunday I did a church service as a practical component of one of my TEE College courses. It's interesting because eight congregation members and a minister need to fill in observation forms. Basically it went well. Three things that I learnt, or challenged me.
The first is my own observation and is that I have become more confident in my preaching and don't stress so much in preparation.
The second was from someone who put on their form - very tentatively - that she thought I made the congregation laugh too much. It's interesting to realise how conservative some people still are.
The third was that there was a sense that the congregation was a bit disappointed that I didn't bring a 'new thing' with me. This was the fourth time that I have preached there and I have done multimedia stuff previously, but this time I didn't. Partly because it was college service, but mostly I think, because I am tired! Pushing the boundaries is hard work at the best of times. But when I saw that people welcomed the push I was sorry that I didn't do more!

By the way, the response from all concerned was very positive - the observations above were not put negatively by the people.

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