Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Virus Wars

I met the worst virus of my experience on a colleague's pc yesterday. But I had a lot of fun trying to catch it - exacerbated by the fact that it wouldn't allow me to install an anti-virus program and kept shutting down.
A couple of years ago I did quite a bit of virus troubleshooting and found the internet a great resource of info on how to get rid of the things. I find, recently, that if I search with Google I can get a whole lot of stuff that mentions the virus but is not helpful. It's the same if you search for a person's name and you get Facebook and Linkedln and whatever as results, which are not useful! I guess we need to find a way of separating useful info from the mass of stuff out there.
I had so much fun - should I be doing this minister thing? Why don't I get a job playing with pc's? I might even get rich!


Steve Hayes said...

Have you read C.S. Lewis's That hideous strength?

Viruses are microbes, but in the church we are catching macrobes.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I have read it - more than once, but it is definitely time for a reread. I think next year will be dedicated to reading!