Tuesday, October 13, 2009

400th Post

This is blog entry #400. It seems like it should be a momentous occasion.
Date 13 October 2009. It is my second daughter's 16th birthday today - she is in Johannesburg.
It is raining in Grahamstown.
Today is Tuesday and would normally be a college day for me, but only those writing TEEC exams have needed to go to Port Elizabeth. I will be working in circuit today and tomorrow. I believe that we will be preparing the budget. Working out next year's expenses will be fairly easy. Working out how we/ they are going to pay for them is quite another story.
If the weather clears up I might be able to play tennis in the latter part of the afternoon. I seldom get a chance to play.
As tends to happen when a weekend home is coming up, I am finding it very hard to think of anything except family and home.
I want to hear what is happening with my 'mini book'. I am afraid that a window of opportunity is closing!

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