Sunday, October 18, 2009

Identity Crisis

Something that's been troubling me on and off for the last few weeks is that, very soon, I won't be a 'phase 1' anymore. It might sound odd that it is troubling me, but this has been an important part of my identity this year. Who am I? I am a phase 1 student minister in the Methodist Church. Our group that meets in PE has quite a strong group identity as well. Next year? I am a student in seminary. I guess something new will start.
Today, though, I let go of phase 1 in a good way. I was part of a group of ministers celebrating someone from my circuit starting the training journey. Next year he will be a phase 1. And instead of sitting in the pews watching, I was part of the group sending him on his way. It was kind of special.
I'm not a baby at the bottom of the ladder anymore.

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