Friday, October 16, 2009


These are 'starter thoughts', because I'm not sure where they are going. Today I received another email from someone extolling the virtue of inclusivity and saying that it was one of the most important things that Jesus stood for.
I'm not really 'getting' this inclusivity thing. To me one of the great things about Jesus is not that he included everyone, but that he stepped aside and put himself with the excluded. He loved them and walked with them to a point of inclusion, if they so chose.
Two things bother me about inclusivity. They are probably two sides of the same coin. The one is that (and I see this in 'Exclusion and Embrace) 'I' is the centre of inclusion. Others need to be included with 'me'. What makes me so special that I should be the centre of inclusion?
The second is that it denies people the right to choose to be excluded. Maybe I don't want to be part of your central 'I'. Although I am willing that you join me in my central 'I'. Or maybe, like Jesus, I will choose to be excluded from the power 'I's'.


Thomas Scarborough said...

The question is, perhaps, can one still love the excluded without including them?

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I would say that that is what Jesus does. I suppose they are included in his love, but are they included in his kingdom? What do you say?

Thomas Scarborough said...

There is no such thing as grace except grace in the midst of disgrace. And to experience that is a great privilege. Many do not experience it.