Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pleased With Myself

I am feeling pleased with myself. I ran for about 15 minutes yesterday - I'm not sure how far, but it is about a year since I played my last hockey game and I've pretty much vegetated since. I ran again today - the same distance in ten and I was tempted to do it again! There is hope for me yet. But I guess I won't quite manage the Comrades in seven months.
I'm also keeping up with watching a bit of tv and watched a bit of the Pirates/ Chiefs game and will shortly watch at least part of the rugby.
I think that I have found myself again - even though I didn't know I was lost!


Thomas Scarborough said...

You're not sure how far? Are readers permitted to guess? 200 metres? Have you considered the Washie? Now there's something that's not beneath Jenny Hillebrand.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

It was probably aa little further than 200m. I have one of those little devices that count your steps. The first day it registered 1040 steps. The next 30. Yesterday it was 1580. I'm guessing I'm running about 1km - so you are not too far out! (I'm hoping that the step counter will tend to a limit which equals the actual number of steps).