Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Secular Humanism

In response to my posts on humanism and morality, someone sent me this link www.secularhumanism.org. I haven't looked at everything on the pages, but the two observations that come to mind are that 1. People have a lot of confusion and anger inside of themselves and 2. I have said before that I think that we should be looking at the difference between postmodern philosophies that are extensions of modernism (such as secular humanism) and those that are countermodernizing and backtrack on some of what modernism had to say.
In extensions to modernism we see the sort of hyper-individualism that is seen on the secular humanism web page and a disregard for anything spiritual or supernatural. Many theologians also fit into this category (ha, ha do you really believe that God would send a fish to swallow a prophet?) And other characteristics.
In countermodernising philosophies (especially the sort that I embrace) we see a compromise on individualism and community. We reject the reduction of all things to mere cause and effect on a natural scale. And we believe in a supernatural world that is probably beyond our understanding. (So, as a theological thinker, I can't be sure whether Jonah was swallowed by a fish or not, but I am 100% convinced that if it suited God to organise this, he could do so.) And other characteristics!


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Kevin Hart, in Postmodernism: A Beginner's Guide, has some interesting chapters on religion. He notes that the historical-critical school (liberalism) "are all tied into the Enlightenment grand narrative, and are therefore thoroughly modern in their assumptions about the world."

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Ah, yes, I would agree with that. I must actually read more widely on postmodernism.