Thursday, December 31, 2009

Too Holy?

Someone became embarrassed, I think, when telling me that his brother had moved in with his girlfriend. I suppose realising that I am a M*I*N*I*S*T*E*R now. I don't want to say to him, don't worry it's ok, God doesn't mind, because I don't think that is true. But I do want to say to him God still loves you and your brother and so do I. But the chance wasn't there.
I feel embarrassed by some of the things my 'friends' post on Facebook - more so my Grahamstown friends than Jhb. People tend to invite me to be a friend, not thinking that I then have access to all the nonsense that they put on Facebook. Mostly it is just nonsense, but once or twice I have been tempted to put in a comment reflecting my take on their behaviour.
This is so mega-difficult! I am fairly accepting of a wide range of behaviour and and don't expect ascetism from anyone. I certainly don't want people to cut me off because I am seen as interfering or judgemental. And I count it a real privilege to be invited into certain people's lives in this way.
I suppose the problem, in both cases I have mentioned, is that the relationships are somewhat distant. Facebook is very superficial. If people know me, then it is more important to them who I am than what I am!

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