Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Steve de Gruchy

My thoughts are somewhat overshadowed by the fact the Prof Steve de Gruchy of UKZN is missing. It seems that he must have had an accident on the river and no one knows what happened to him. So now they are searching.
And I remember last year the chill that I felt when I heard that they were searching for Rev Barry Marshall who was swept out to sea. The search, the wait, the questions.
I don't know what the latest news is, but I pray, 'Lord vindicate yourself.'
(Prof de Gruchy is head of the UKZN School of Religion and Theology and a minister in the Congregational Church.)


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

I received the following from Volmoed yesterday: "... there really is not any hope that they will find Steve alive. The rescue team will however go out again today to look for his body. John will accompany them so do please pray for him as he goes on this journey. Jeanelle (Steve’s sister) will fly out from the UK to join the family in Natal and Anton (Steve’s brother) and his wife Esther will fly out from the United States, to Cape Town where there will be a Memorial Service during the first week of March. Steve’s Children (David and Kate) asked to go back to school today and Thea is at the University in Durban. Please pray for them as they get on with their lives without a Dad. Do please pray for Steve’s wife Marion as she adjusts to life without Steve. Please pray for John and Isobel, Anton and Esther and Jeanelle as they mourn the loss of Steve."

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks Thomas. And his body has now been found - Wednesday morning. So very sad and tragic.

Anonymous said...

It would seem symbolic or ironic that Steve de Gruchy is sandwiched between two posts on Postcolonialism. He took the dominant theology of America and sought to transfer it - one might say impose it - voetstoets on Southern Africa.

Rock in the Grass (Pete Grassow) said...

Dear Anon: I fail to see the link between the materialistic, prosperity-driven theology that is dominant in American churches and the work and writing of Steve de Gruchy.

Anonymous said...

Anon was speaking of a theology. Materialistic? Prosperity-driven? Which theology is that? That's rhetoric. Probably Anon meant post-liberalism. Then Anon is on the mark.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete,

Trust you're well? I've read plenty of similar comments scattered across the blogsphere. What are the rumblings linked to? I ask out of absolute ignorance as I did not know Steve and hadn't read anything he had written.