Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here's a question for someone to answer.
I occasionally read Scot McKnight's blog - I don't know how well-known he is in some South African circles, but he writes books and people quote him. I'm halfway through 'The Jesus Creed' and I like it.
But I'm confused about the site where his blog is hosted. is a spirituality site and has links to things like 'belief-o-matic' and angels. I actually thought that maybe this was all part of McKnight's work and tuned out for a while. But now I am thinking that his blog is just hosted there.
I wonder if he endorses these things, or if he believes that he is putting his faith out into the real world - rather than hiding in a little Christian corner, or what?
I'm fairly tolerant of people who differ from me on points of doctrine, but I'm not sure I could go so far as to accept some of the stuff on this site!


David Barbour said...

The internet has such a wide array of perspectives on the Christian faith. I have a member who has had his mind twisted by some ultra conservative, paranoid Christians who think every church organization is sinister and linked into the anti-Christ.

Anonymous said...

Aren't they?


Simon Thomas said...

Beliefnet...yes I have subscrided to that for a long time, very Liberal, Bishop John Shelby Spong denies the Penal Substition and was the leading light behind this site. Scott McKnight converted to Catholocism. I'd say there are a couple of differences.
And Beliefnet puts christianity on par with other religions, this is not good.

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

I decided not long ago to look up Scot McKnight. I felt that he did the regular American academic thing, and refused to express a personal opinion. Scot "Teflon" McKnight. I was not impressed. I was annoyed. It put me off Scot McKnight (until next time).

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I also felt McKnight was vague as to his own standpoints - it seemed to be intentional, but it does make reading very bland.
I don't think he converted to Catholicism although he seems to be sensitive to that point of view. I don't think we can ever be all things to all people and still be the light of the world. (I don't think I'm contradicting Paul!)

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

Steve Hayes said...

BeliefNet is a website for discussing all kinds of religious stuff, not necessarily Christian.

Scot McKnight used to have his own blog, "Jesus Creed", but he recently moved it to BeliefNet, presumably at their invitation. Beliefnet is basically the hosting organisation, and is no more responsible for the opinions of the bloggers whose blogs they host than Blogger is responsible for your views or mine. And similarly we are not responsible for the views of other people who have "Blogspot" blogs. The only difference is that Blogger takes on all comers, while Beliefnet is primarily religious. Scot McKnight's blog is quite popular and so I imagine Beliefnet thought hosting his blog would bring more traffic to their site (and this increase their advertising revenue). But if anything that puts me off reading those blogs.