Monday, May 17, 2010


My father said something to me - a long time ago. He said that when he started work, his father told him to never try and explain to his wife and children the stresses and strains of work as they would not understand. So when I started working myself, I looked for these stresses and strains. But while there is stress, I never found something that I thought I would not have understood.
Now, I am on the other side - never try to explain to a man the stresses and strains of being a working mother. It doesn't bother me at all, but I think that a lot of men just don't see what goes on behind the scenes - and I very definitely exclude my husband who ran our household last year while I was away and knows VERY well what it is all about.
Anyway, this thought was prompted by the fact that I have two homes - one at seminary and one with my family. One of the painful bits is that they both need to be cleaned. So last Thursday, my flat floor got its first mopping. Long overdue and it wasn't exactly clean to start with. I thought the kitchen floor was supposed to be a shade of grey!


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Hmm ... I don't agree with your grandfather. Definitely not. I think a wife and children need to understand the big picture, or there are important pieces of one's personality they cannot explain, and that is not good.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

I also don't agree with my grandfather. But I wonder if I am also short-sighted when I suggest that men don't understand working mothers!