Friday, May 28, 2010

Enculturation or Christianisation?

I don't watch much tv, but this week I've gone through another period of trying to watch some more - and I suddenly understood something that I think is quite cool. Something that happened on Sunday.
Sunday was Pentecost Sunday and I was at Brentwood Methodist Church in the Zulu community of Tumbleweed. The steward reminded the congregation that it was Pentecost and there was a time of singing Holy Spirit songs in the middle of the service. After a while the middle-aged/elderly man next to me breathed, 'Feel it, it is here' and that was sort of taken up through our section of the congregation. Then, I didn't know that this was a World Cup slogan, and I just thought it was kind of cool, but wondered why he expressed himself in English.
Now that I understand, I think it is very cool. He and that part of the congregation took an earthly cup and filled it with holy fire!

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