Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pre-school parents morning

I spent an hour or so this morning at the Brentwood Church where the pre-school had organised a meeting with the parents. Saturdays are the best days to get people together - even though there is time conflict with funerals and shopping and whatever else.
It was an interesting meeting to observe - although I did participate a little. The teachers and the chairperson of the governing body did a great job.
It was interesting to see that they struggled a bit to get interaction from the parents - if I had been chairing/ hosting the meeting I would have put it down to racial/ cultural difficulties, but that could not have been the reason here.
I need to stop 'using' culture as an excuse! Particularly in this community.
My challenge - reach out to people. Talk to them. Get to know them. Even if we are all shy of each other. I think being 'umfundisi' will be less of a barrier than it was in the Eastern Cape.

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