Monday, June 07, 2010

New Month, New Things

Right, the nails are thoroughly in the coffin of May - the month that I declared the intent to do nothing new. Now I can dream again.
Actually - I didn't get it quite right. Two new things that come to mind that I did do in May - I found somewhere to play tennis and have played a couple of times - very much needed. I also put in application to UKZN to do a PhD in theology. I'm not too sure how the timing works on that one, but there's no real rush for anything. The 'Higher Degrees Committee' meets tomorrow and that should yield some information. I may need to do bridging work because my Masters is not from a 'famous' university. Hopefully, however, they will acknowledge that it is SAQA accredited and at a higher number of credits than many Masters degrees.
Now I am planning for the next semester. I hope to do Greek 1 at UKZN. That is five hours a week of lectures. I've already done a level 1 Greek course, but I'm not confident enough of it to try to go straight to Greek 2. The main reason I am wanting to do the Greek is to be in a class so that I have some contact with other seminarians. I feel a bit like an alien at the moment. But I do also hope to be working on either my doctoral thesis or bridging material as well.
I am also going to give more thought to turning my Masters into a book - I have not been able to convince myself that there is a meaningful way forward on this one. And I may also put out another little book of daily devotions.
From a seminary point of view I am playing with an online teaching programme called Moodle which seems to be absolutely brilliant. I'm hoping that we can do some really fun stuff with this.
Something that has helped me is that I think my ministry at Brentwood has reached its limit. I don't think that I'll do anything new there now and I must just keep up what I am doing until the end of the year. This frees me up, because I have felt a sense that any real church ministry that I can do while in seminary should have priority. I can't make it happen if it's not right!
I also have some ideas as to how to get through next year - which at least gives me a sense of hope.
I have other things on my mind and my agenda . . . but this is quite enough for one post. Things are looking up!


Thomas O. Scarborough said...

Why UKZN? Or is it just a matter of convenience? In South Africa, all accreditation is of course equal. There is, however, a debate as to whether some is more equal than the rest. Personally, I think it makes a significant difference where one studies.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

The Methodist Seminary has been built in Pietermaritzburg in order to partner with UKZN and also the Lutheran seminary and ESSA (Evangelical Seminary) and a Catholic place - St Joseph's. I could go somewhere else, but it doesn't make sense. The church will pay for my studies (however as far as I understand UKZN offer 100% scholarship for doctorates, so that's no great win!)
Would you recommend SATS for a doctorate?

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

My knowledge of SATS is limited. However, I can say this. They were very helpful indeed with my Master's, due more than anything to their extraordinary rigour. I was impressed, and I felt that they taught me more than anyone else had done. Although their doctoral programme is fairly new, they are "big players" with over 4,000 students in total. I was a little frustrated, however, with the pace of my Master's there. I also had some struggle to have a "neutral" proposal accepted, rather than an explicitly evangelical one as they wanted. But my proposal was accepted,

Anonymous said...

The head of the Undergraduate School attends our church. I'd vouch for his roots (Brethren) being firmly embedded in the Word. He’s both evangelical and conservative and has a good sense of humour on top of it all.

Although I don't study through SATS I'd say, based on the interaction our church has had with them, that they're a quality distance education institution.

Thomas O. Scarborough said...

yur korect mark. i stodid dere.