Monday, June 28, 2010

New Phone

I eventually got my new cell phone on Saturday. I've always had a bottom of the range phone and liked it like that, but I've realised that if I'm going to understand how the other half of the world lives, I need a phone that does internet. So, I now have a Nokia E63 on a MTN Anytime 100 contract.
So far, I'm having fun. It loads Twitter very quickly and actually shows the kilobytes as it downloads, so I can see when I've hit a heavy site. (So many sites are so loaded with adverts and pictures that you can download many megabytes without even doing anything except look.)
I have enjoyed the portability of my netbook, but I can see that I will use it less for internet now that I have this phone. The only thing is that I have tried to keep the discipline of having my computer away from the bed at night so that I don't surf when I can't sleep. The phone offers a whole new set of temptations!
Anyway, it's a nice toy to play with!

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Steve Hayes said...

I do surf when I can't slep, but I get up to do it, and I don't have speakers on my computer, so it doesn't wake up the rest of the family with a sudden blast of sound. Also I have NoScript with Firefox, which stops high-volume stuff from downloading unless I really want it.