Monday, July 05, 2010

Blast Off

I'm going to try to do a new thing on this blog. That is to try to record a little bit more about seminary life. I tend to shy away from a lot of things - I don't mind if the reader sees me as weaker than I am, but I have an odd fear of seeming better or stronger than I am. Maybe this is in the line of Nelson Mandela's words about us being more frightened of success than of failure. Or perhaps it is from the Bible where it tells us to take a lower seat than we may hope we deserve and allow the host to offer us a higher one (Luke 14:8 ff).

Sunday was a seminary day for me, because I work at the Zulu church in Howick as part of my internship programme. I preached there for the first time in a few months. I think it went quite well - I've come so far since the days when I struggled to communicate with the people in the informal settlements around Jhb. But I am feeling very rusty for lack of preaching - I thought I would cope better than I am with the few opportunities to preach. But I have now taken services two Sundays in a row and I should preach at Brentwood again this Sunday.

Our 'Intensive' programme runs from 8am to 4pm every day for three weeks. I think that will be good. We are also having chapel services, so I have to prepare for our Friday contemporary worship. Fun, but I am going to be a bit short of time! The web page also keeps going, so I will have to find time to work on that. I am also badgering a few people to provide me with material to start experimenting with online courses for ministers who have completed their training, but who are interested in upgrading their skills.

I want to go through my PhD proposal one more time and then get it to Dr Neville Richardson, for some guidance, this week. I think I've already forgotten something I'm supposed to do . . . but it is nice to be busy!

In the meantime, Pete Grassow is on campus with us and you can read his comments here.

Our seminary president, Dr Ross Olivier, does not blog, but he writes an article on the seminary web page every two weeks or so.

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