Friday, July 30, 2010


I visited the preschool at Brentwood yesterday for the first time since the school holidays. I found it somewhat depressed. They were starting to feel abandoned because I hadn't been to see them for such a long time. I clearly hadn't communicated well that I had three weeks of 'intensive programme' and that I wouldn't be there. So they thought that I had just lost interest. I know how I feel when I think someone has let me down. I hate to be the cause of other people feeling that.
On the other hand, as we spoke and the smiles and hope started coming back, I felt that I was doing meaningful work at the preschool. It was heart-warming and I felt that I could be a vehicle of God's love.
Ministry can be so varied - and I think that might be what makes full time ministers a bit different from others - the ability or desire to do vastly different things during the course of one's week.
So today I must do some admin - I need to write a report on the preschool for our overseas sponsors for one thing. I will also do some 'geek Greek' - setting up practice exercises on our internal web for the Greek students. I also hope to revise my PhD proposal in the light of suggestions by Dr Neville Richardson. Later, I will fetch two of my children from school/university and hopefully do some birthday shopping for my elder son who turns 14 on Monday. This morning I also led a simple Bible Study in our chapel service.
This certainly works for me - God is good!

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