Thursday, July 29, 2010

Working with noise

I am getting into a new rhythm and routine for the second semester at seminary. After about two weeks holiday and three weeks intensive programme, I am back at my desk at my flat in the Texel residence. I've been working in one of the lecture rooms at the new campus up until now, but I thought that today I would spend a couple of hours here before heading out to 'my' preschool at Brentwood.
I had forgotten how noisy the road outside is! Do you remember my intitial attempts that involved working in the bathroom? I did eventually learn to block out the noise, but I am noticing it again now. So, I have the benefits of being away from distractions at the seminary campus, of having my own fridge and bathroom, but the down sides are the noise and today, because it is overcast, lack of good light.
I know that I ought to think about how some people have no choice but to live and work like this. And I do, and I am grateful for a place to be. But I know that I will be happier if I work at the campus from now on.

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