Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bowling Along

I suppose I'm feeling a bit philosophical and you can hear it when I say that my life feels like a bicycle rim being rolled down the street. The rim stops moving if it slows down or if it loses balance. I felt that last semester I managed to slow down too much. I gave myself to little to do and I became bored and unhappy. So now I'm on the other side. I feel as if I am on the edge of panic - will I ever get everything done? But I'm pushing myself through it - in a way I see this as the 'spiritual formation' that I'm supposed to be doing at seminary. I want to be able to build the stamina to work hard and creatively without losing balance.
Helping with strike relief is great - but my programme is not lecture based and the time I give to the strike is lost. It doesn't help me if the seminary cancels lectures (although that only happened for one day anyway). But somehow I am keeping going and in spite of spending this afternoon at the hospital again I am starting to feel like I am winning.
I worked in a more general ward today at the hospital - young psychiatric patients. Even apart from the strike their situation is very sad. But I guess it is better than being on the streets and uncared for.

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