Friday, August 13, 2010

Boxed - unboxed

I am getting ANOTHER cold, so I am feeling somewhat grumpy and fed up. Also, I am feeling a little frustrated because in many areas of my life I am waiting for someone else to do something before I can carry on with my work. BUT I am realising that I still have plenty to do, so I have no need to be frustrated. I think I might be getting the balance right - I'm not taking on too much (panic, stress) or too little (frustration, boredom). Of course, if you see me running down the street screaming, you will know that everything went wrong . . .
Today - we did worship for chapel. Nearly everything went wrong and some of it was my fault. So, we learn from that. I also need to figure out what the actual enrolment is at the pre-school and put together some sort of accounts to have a vague idea of what is actually going on. I'll post more about this another time.
I need to figure out what is going on with the SMMS web page - we have several computer companies involved and I don't know who has moved what where. I have minutes and emails to write. I'd like to almost complete the revision of my PhD proposal, but my motivation is low, because I'm not sure if they will have a supervisor for me at UKZN anytime soon. I have notes to write for one small group session for my local church (fun) and local preachers workshops to plan for Brentwood. And a sermon to prepare for Sunday. I guess I won't get it all done today!
It's nice to be busy. God is good. Now, if he could just remove my sore throat and the rest, I'd be happy!


Anonymous said...

I'm in the same place you're at (soar throat and generally ill). Sux.

Get better soon.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

You get better too! Actually, glad to know I'm not the only one.