Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Catching Up

I think that I am catching up with my life. On Saturday I just said 'no' to seminary commitments and did about three hours of ironing and two hours or so of cleaning and I'm sort of on top of that. It also meant that I was just around for my husband and kids. Then Monday night's Community Forum was cancelled so I sweated at my Greek and also my Zulu (subversive Zulu - not at the seminary!) and I think I might be ok.
What is odd is that because I now feel on top of these things I feel much more able to cope with my other commitments.
And then my son's fish died yesterday and I know that I should have chased him to clean the bowl before - and again I'm reminded that my family and kids really do matter and I can't let that get out of hand.
But I feel more in tune with the way God wants me to live at the moment. There are people who are upset with me - who feel that I should be doing what they want (and I don't mean seminary staff!!) but that's actually ok. This is about Jesus and his work. So there!

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