Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Gentle Weekend

This weekend had a slow and easy feel to it - maybe it is the summer weather, because it hasn't been particularly quiet. On Saturday morning I went to a school fete in Howick at the request of the seminary. That was pretty laid back, if not my idea of a lot of fun. Sunday was the church service at Brentwood followed by a leaders' meeting. These sessions are hard work because it means (today anyway) four hours of everything in Zulu. But still somehow, I feel relaxed. It might be that I've preached every weekend for the last few weeks and today I just had to listen. It could be that I feel I've found my place at Brentwood. I asked if I could preach more often there, but it is not to be, so I think that now I must accept that I am doing as much as I can and do that as best as I can. I probably only have another four months there anyway.
Whatever the reason, it is nice to feel a little 'chilled'.

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