Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Remember Carol Burnett?

It was Carol Burnett, wasn't it - who sang with a bucket and mop? My favourite part of today was like that. The seminarians spent the day volunteering at a local hospital in order to fill in for striking hospital staff. Four of us were assigned to a ladies' geriatric ward. After waiting for a while, being introduced to the patients - there were about 18 old people in two distinct sections with one staff member - and drying some dishes, I was given a mop and told to clean the TV room. So, I mopped, with the ladies sitting around watching. After a while one of them started singing 'How Great Thou Art' quite softly, but I joined in and soon another lady joined in and then another seminarian came in for a moment and sang too. I just love the image of the mopping and the singing!
Unfortunately, I had to mop out the door and down the passage. My singing lady tried to come with me, but a visiting nursing sister chased her back into the ward. So I mopped by myself. And the old people sat in the ward/tv room by themselves.
But for a moment it was good!


Don Scrooby said...

Jenny, I admire you and all the others for helping in such a wonderful and remarkable way. Strength to you all

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thank up Don.

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thank up? What was I thinking? Should be thank you, Don!