Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Looking too far ahead

This morning my eldest daughter and I are heading into Durban to investigate places for her to stay next year as her studies will move her to a Durban campus of UKZN. It is nice to see her becoming independent, although a bit hard for her parents. We are also looking for somewhere for the rest of the family to stay in Pietermaritzburg next year as our current lease will be up - and we are reluctant to lose our dogs, which we would need to do if we all stayed at the seminary.
This can give rise to a mild sense of panic - but especially when I start thinking of the year after next when the church will (hopefully) send me into circuit. We will then have a child studying in Durban and one in Pietermaritzburg. I see us travelling around the country, leaving a child in each university town and having to pay for all their lodgings (as well as university fees) . . .
I think it is a grace of God that we cannot see the future! I am sure that everything will work out alright.

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