Thursday, September 23, 2010


I think that my plan for this holiday was that I wouldn't have a holiday. It would be a good opportunity to catch up with myself and the work that is nipping at my heels. Somehow, though, I seem to have fallen into holiday mode (with some degree of 'alas-ness' because the work is still there.)
Am I doing the right thing with my life? Where will I be next year? What are my goals for the next 15 months?
Realising that I am changing - in many ways back to the person I was ten years ago. Is this a good thing? In some ways, yes - an increased emphasis on academic thinking, on assertive leadership. In some ways , no - becoming more independent, needing 'people' less. I feel part of the seminary machine. I need to be part of a family - seminary family?
But it is a phase and I think that I will keep the good and hopefully the bad won't stick too closely when I move on. Two more months and this year is over. I wonder what God is planning for me for 2012? I wonder if I will be conscious of 2011 being preparation for that?
Choices - but I am glad that I have choices. I am glad that I am busy. I need to work at seeing Jesus in all of this.

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