Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer - happy!

Summer has come with some intensity to Pietermaritzburg - it is hot. But for one reason or another I am happier in summer, regardless of the heat. So I am trying to build on my summer happiness.
I also have space today and tomorrow to catch up with my work. I have the gist of my sermon in place for Sunday - it's a complicated Sunday, being WA Sunday and part of a course of Contagious Christianity - got to fit it all together.
The problem with coming out of myself is that I am more aware of other's struggles - my husband is sitting with matric trials to mark and deadlines.
Sometimes, in all of this, I wonder if I am really still a Christian. Going to seminary doesn't make me a Christian (by any means!), going to worship doesn't do it, reading my Bible - better, but not there. Praying - much better. But I think that it is the sense of living every moment of the day (or as many as possible) in the awareness of living in and for Jesus that does it. His Lordship has actually got to be an integral part of my day or I've lost the plot. That has been harder to get right this year than ever before! Today, I believe I can get there.

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