Friday, October 08, 2010

Animals and Culture

Here are two interesting ways of seeing life and nature:

[St] Francis seems to believe that there is a knowing passing between all creatures, and that the animals have a kind of consciousness that they can give to us. Have you ever let an animal hold a gaze into your eyes? I know it from my Black Lab, Venus, and from other animals I have encountered in nature. It is somehow healing and connecting at a deep level. It is always compassionate. (Richard Rohr)

You track the antelope. He knows you are there. He knows he has to give you his strength. But he runs and you have to run. As you run you become like him. It can take hours and exhaust you both. You talk to him and look into his eyes. And then he knows he must give you his strength so your children can live. (Vimbai Gukwe Chivaura)

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