Saturday, October 16, 2010

As it is written

Friday's venture into the library in search of preliminary reading for my PhD was very successful. I am now reading 'As it is written: Studying Paul's Use of Scripture'. This is a collection of essays edited by Stanley E Porter and Christopher D Stanley. It is spot on what I am looking for as an introduction to my topic. It is also published in 2008 which is great - I have managed to choose a contemporary topic and find an up to date resource.
I also have 'Paul's Narrative Thought World' by Ben Witherington III - and I supect this is going to help me link in the South African element. How would South African struggle and post-struggle narratives shape our thought worlds and thus our hermeneutic?
However, the question still remains as to whether the South African angle can meaningfully add to our understanding of hermeneutics. I think I have enough of an idea to make a Masters - but I've got to crank it up a bit to get to PhD level.
I enjoy this very much. Maybe I should make next year at seminary an academic year!

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