Monday, October 11, 2010

Church Camp

My family and I went to Dawnview campsite this weekend with Prestbury Methodist Church on their family camp. It was a good break for me! I enjoyed just being part of the group without the pressure of either being a seminarian (I am in this situation to learn) or of being a minister (I have a leadership responsibility to the group). It was a time where I could just 'be' and enjoy the discussions. The group was small enough that we could all participate - in the spiritual work and in the fun times.
My children enjoyed being with other kids and also the fact that they were welcome in the activities, but were also welcome to go off and play if they wanted to.
It was good to get to know people. Prestbury, for me, is where I go to church on Sunday evenings, but for the rest of my family it is their church home. It was nice to get to know the people they know!
God is good.

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