Tuesday, October 26, 2010

INTJ - the friendship and the fear

The title of this post comes from a song by Matt Redman - I'm pretty sure that he's not talking about Myers-Briggs though.
The friendship - when I read the profile description of INTJ's it fits me so well it is scary. But it makes me feel good because I feel more 'normal' - maybe I am not so way out there different as I sometimes feel. Usually when I do tests that claim to 'profile' me I find that I sort of see myself in the result, but it's not striking. The MBTI does fit me quite well.
The fear - am I nothing more than a predictable result of my genes and my circumstances? If this fits me so well, then all I have done is submitted to the natural course of events. My achievements are not mine, my failings are not mine. I am just a piece of straw blowing in the wind.
It really is a reminder that God has made me who I am and whatever that is, I should be using for his work and his glory. No need for pride in achievements, but also no need for beating myself over my head for my weaknesses. Not that I can just let those weaknesses rest . . .


David Barbour said...


Not being part of the pack is a blessing in my books. Painful at times but breathes life in a diverse way. Your weakness my hope! Yes, I can identify with you because I know you are one of us. Deeply spiritual!

Jenny Hillebrand said...

Thanks David. There was mention of a cup of coffee a while back, we must do it!