Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Looking good

We seem to have found a house for the family for next year - or rather from next month! It is not as fancy as where we stay now, but there is space for each child to have their own bedroom and enough garden to keep both dogs and boys happy. It is on a rather noisy main road which is a drawback - but it has a pool and the rent is lower than where we are now. I think that we can be happy there. God always has the answer!
I've been speaking to the seminary president about my plans and hopes for next year at seminary and I think that we will work out something useful. I am finding that there is too much that I want to do - and it is very difficult to know what to drop. Which is a much better place to be in than having too much that I don't want to do! The principal components of the plan are my PhD studies and working in a local church. Nothing that requires too much rocket science to put together, but somehow it does require a fair amount of thought.

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