Monday, November 15, 2010

Brentwood - looking good

When the service started at Brentwood yesterday there was only a handful of people there. That is fairly usual, but I was particularly worried because there has been a bit of a blow up amongst the congregation members over the last few weeks. Some people are frustrated that things aren't happening fast enough in the church and have been trying to bypass the elected leaders. It came to a head last week and Rev Kumalo held a congregational meeting and they did some serious talking.
Everything thing seemed to be resolved and resolved well, so I was hoping to see a good turn out on Sunday. And I did. I left the service early, but by then, the church was full!
So I have a lot of hope for Brentwood. Rev Kumalo's opinion is that power struggles are second nature to the church and as ministers we just have to learn to deal with them. This is not a part of ministry that appeals to me!


Delme Linscott said...

I agree Jenny. I find that conflict leaves me feeling exhausted and disillusioned most of the times. Is it possible that some people are better equipped to deal with conflict (personality wise) or have they just learnt to get better at managing it?
Strength and peace to you,

David Barbour said...

Jenny and Delme
I sit this morning with a group of people who feel they were not recognized at the Thanksgiving service on Sunday. I awoke at 4:00am thinking about it and wondering what the best way of dealing with it is. This from my experience is the greatest heartache in pastoral ministry - dealing with the sins of the people. But, maybe we were not briefed as to our role as pastors? We might have forgotten what it means to be a pastor? Academic guru's, social transformers, church builders but pastors? God give us wisdom to deal with conflict and the friends to help us not become bitter and angry *&()^&%^%&

Jenny Hillebrand said...

David - I said a prayer for you, hope it helps!
It is also difficult when both sides of the conflict are genuinely well-meaning. Although maybe that is better than someone who is just uncooperative!
Thanks for the encouragement Delme and David. I think my seminary programme next year needs to include more pastoral work - which I have already suggested, but am now convinced!